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Tire Repair Emergency Inflate Kit

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An easy way to repair tire in an emergency situation.

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  • How to use:

    QUICK EASY portable tire repair system:

    Tire repair liquid capacity: 430 ml (a bottle of tire repair solution is equivalent to a spare tyre)


    1. Flat tire repair
    2. Tire inflator
    3. Attach air house (black) to tire valve stem

    Special features: tire repair

    Excellent Features:

    product: Eco-Friendly sealant
    Product Properties: Use a variety of polymer materials(water solubility)

    Corrosion Test: No corrosive for rubber, plastic, metal;Soluble in water under the liquid state,none stimulation to skin;non-toxic,security, nonflammable.(SHJ/T1750-2005)

    Environmental Test(Storage Temperature): Boiling point of more than 160 ℃,freezing point below -40 ℃,ensure the products can be normal use under extreme weather conditions

    Work Environment(Injection tire environment): Stay liquid condition at -40℃ ~ -80℃ after sealant inflated tyre

    Filling gas: With the air Pushing sealant to the tires by pump,safety and no side effects,suitable for the performance of tire in different environment

    Safety distance after use: After ensuring the safety of air pressure,can normal travel 1000 kilometers at the speed of 80km/h–100km/h,For tyre secondary nail/Puncture keep sealing effect,Until the tire back to professional repair shop.

    Performance fixes: Without unscrewing the valve core,can be repaired the maximum puncture reached 1/4 inch(6.35mm)

    The balance of the tire after use: Sealant is water soluble products,with liquid condition in a work environment, no frozen,the motion of the vehicle is by the centrifugal force of the tire,can be evenly distributed on the inner wall of the tyre,will not affect the balance of the tire.


    For the tire repair professional

    PFERD tire sealant is non-flammable and water based:therefore clean up is simple,the sealant should be rinsed or wiped out of tire prior to making a permanent repair, you can expect to find approximately 5 ounces of sealant in the repaired tire, should any sealant fall on to te floor of your shop,simply wipe it up with a rag and rinse off the area with water. this sealant will not corrode or negatively affact the rim or tire.

    Use of this tire sealant will not void tire warranty.

    Warning! tire sealant contains latex harmful if not inhale or swallow,may cause eye and skin irritation. avoid skin and eye contact, keep out of reach of children. fird aid:ingestion/inhalation-contact physician immediately. do not induce thoroughly with soap and water.eye -flush with water for at leas 15 minutes.

    Scope of application:
    Car,Off-Road Vehicle,Motorcycle,Battery Car,Three-wheel Motorized Cart,Mountain Bike,Rubber Dinghy,Football/Basketball

    Safety, Eco-Friendly, Practical & Convenient

    Leading the industry technical standards

    1. High-power pump:
    Using piston type stainless steel high-power pump,inflatable fast,with speed of 45L/Min,equivalent the standard tires which fill a 195/65/R15 within 5 minute,have the same effect as duplex pump.

    2. The shell image:
    Military quality, safety design.Using military equipment packaging design,get national innovation process design patent!Using polypropylene Eco-friendly material,one-step molding,have a strong impact resistance,no metal hot shortcomings.

    3. Power Plug:
    High quality of the cigarette lighter plug(DC-12V),built-in 20A fuse,more secure.Can easily replace the fuse after the cigarette plug unscrew.

    4. Voltage device:
    High precision pressure adjusting device,a key control, adjust freely.Precision machine core tire pressure table,identify two pressure units,easy reading and judgment,meet the international pressure measurement standards.

    5. Military remediation technologies:
    With the latest international polymer repair technology,no corrosion tires,not affect dynamic balance,Tires apart,can be completely cleaned only by water.Have good water soluble,tyre nail instantaneous(1 min) plugging,without nailing also can travel 1000 km as usual,can keep the sealing effect to the tyre secondary nail or puncture,less volatile,non-combustible,no freeze curing,boiling point of more than 160 ℃,freezing point below -40℃,ensure the products can be normal use under extreme weather conditions

    6. Lighting warning device:
    With international standards of LED lights,switch control independently, almost no loss of voltage,can be used for lighting and roadside parking warning,also can be used to check the car engine lighting.Economic usefulness.


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