Simu Waterproof Super Horn

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Simu Waterproof Super Horn Long life and reliable quality. High quality sonorant diaphragm.

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Product Description:

  Simu Waterproof Super Horn has strong voice-safety warning.

   Even in the harsh environment, it also can keep loud sound, continuous beep up to 1 minute.

   Long life and reliable quality.

   high-quality sonorant diaphragm.

   Adopt membrane filter technology with waterproof and propulsive gas.

   Unique adherent point protection craft work.

   Anti-weather material interference.

   Strong anti-corrosion.

   Continuous beep up to 1 minute.

   Mini-fashion model, easy to install.

   Even in the narrow space, it is also installed in any cars.


Simu Waterproof Super Horn Packing Content:

   2 x Simu Waterproof Super Horn

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