Wheel Disc Brake Rotor Cover

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Using Wheel Disc Brake Rotor Cover makes your car more fashion and cool, also have the effect of cooling.

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Product Description:

  Wheel Disc Brake Rotor Cover is installed between the brake drum and the wheel rim.

  Make your car more fashion and cool, also have the effect of cooling,

  it is really a nice choice.

  Decorative car, increase car beauty.

 It can reduces brake dust build-up on wheels.

  Circulates air around brakes so as to help heat dissipation.

 26cm diameter, fit for vehicles with 14″ or larger wheels, 4 or 5 bolt patterns.

  Gives vehicle the appearance of having cross-drilled rotors which are used by racing vehicles.


1. Raise and securely support vehicle. Remove wheel from vehicle.
2. Test fit the disc cover on vehicle’s bolts to ensure proper fit.
3. Clean the disc cover and wheel hub with brake cleaner, alcohol, or comparable cleaner.
4. Remove the backing from one side of the adhesive tape and carefully apply to disc cover while making sure to line up the holes.
5. Replace wheel to vehicle.
6. Rotate wheel and check for clearance and obstructions.


Wheel Disc Brake Rotor Cover Specifications:

  Outer Diameter: 260mm

  Material Type: aluminum alloy Item

  Weight: 150g

  Fitment: 14 inch brake disc and above size

  General type

  Color: Red, Blue & Silver


Packing Content:

  2 x Wheel Disc Brake Rotor Cover

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