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Grandy Car Air Freshener
Grandy Car Air Freshener
Grandy Car Air Freshener

Grandy Car Air Freshener

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  • Classy, stylish design enhances car, home, or office décor
  • Mood-refreshing fragrance improves ambiance instantly
  • Adds a personal touch to your vehicle
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Grandy Car Air Freshener:


Grandy Car Air Freshener is a Liquid Based Car Dashboard Perfume. Wherever you use this perfume, whether it's your Car, Home, or Office, it will not only make the surroundings fresh and fragrant with its exotic fragrance but also enhance the appearance with its unique and cool design.


  • One Of The Best Designed Perfumes Ever Giving Your Car / Home / Office Desk A Classy Stylish Look.
  • Refreshes The Mood & Enhanced The Ambiance.
  • Instantly Adds a Personal Touch To Your Car.
  • Innovative Design.
  • Keeps Your Car Fresher For Longer.
  • Purify The remaining cigarette Smoke.
  • Emits A Refreshing & Mild Fragrance.
  • Improves Car Decoration.Helps To Get Rid Of Musty Mildew & Other Undesirable Odors.
  • The Highest Grade Liquid Perfuming Agent Packed In An Aromatic Master Piece. It Is A Economical & Perfect Gift For Your Car.

Product Details:

  • Item weight: 200gm.
  • Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.8 x 3 cm.
  • Inner Material: Liquid.
  • 1 x Grandy Car Air Freshener.


Grandy Car Air Freshener

Grandy Car Air Freshener-1


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2 review(s) for "Grandy Car Air Freshener"

The longevity of the Grandy Car Air Freshener depends on various factors such as temperature, airflow, and fragrance type. On average, it can last anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

Yes, the Grandy Car Air Freshener is designed to be safe for use in all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Yes, the intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted by controlling the airflow in your vehicle. Opening or closing the air vents can help regulate the scent level.

Yes, some models of the Grandy Car Air Freshener come with refillable cartridges or replaceable fragrance pads, allowing you to easily replenish the scent when needed.

The Grandy Car Air Freshener offers a wide range of fragrance options, including popular scents like lavender, citrus, vanilla, ocean breeze, and more. Choose the scent that suits your preference and enjoy a fresh-smelling car ride.

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